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Choosing an Online Shop Builder? Here’s the 1st Question Online Merchants Should Ask

Are you a merchant considering making the jump to e-commerce? There any many decisions new online merchants need to consider before starting an online business. For example, merchants need to discover what they will sell and where to source their products, and exactly who they plan to sell to. All of these decisions sound easy in theory, but require a lot of time and thought to put into practice.

Rent or Buy?

But one of the most important first decisions new merchants need to make is choosing their ecommerce software that they will use to run their online business. And a big part of this decision is whether to rent or buy their shop builder. This decision will affect online merchants for a long time, so if you are a beginning online merchant, you want to take your time and make sure you’ve considering your options carefully. Both options have positives and negatives, and this decision could affect your web business for years to come.

Why Rent?

  • Hosted solutions (also known as Software as a Service or SAAS) are easy to set up. In fact, you can often get started in as little as a few minutes. These solutions are designed for a quick set up.
  • They also tend to be easy to use, which can be helpful for web merchants with little technical experience.
  • For new web merchants who don’t want to invest a ton of money, a hosted shop builder can be the way to go. You can easily set up and maintain your web store by yourself. (Sometimes merchants don’t consider the cost of maintaining a web store. If you don’t have access to your store to make simple changes, this can add up.)

Why Buy?

  • One downside to hosted solutions is that they don’t usually offer as much flexibility as carts that you purchase and maintain on your own (or a web host’s) servers.
  • Because you don’t have access to the software’s code, if your store requires unusual features that don’t arrive out of the box, making necessary changes can be difficult.
  • Merchants with more technical expertise may appreciate having the control over their ecommerce software that purchased software provides.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some ecommerce software companies offer both hosted and purchased ecommerce solutions for a variety of merchants and developers. Before choosing your online shop builder, consider where you weigh in on the SAAS debate? Will you prefer the ease of hosted solutions or the control of purchased ecommerce?

Online Shopping for Clothes: Tips and Facts

Nowadays online shopping for fashionable clothes has become very popular all over the world. It seems that online shopping for apparel is much more convenient. Consumers have this great opportunity to browse an international clothing market at the simple click of a button.

Undoubtedly, online stores for clothes have become the new hit. Today you can buy everything from an e-store – from the socks and the underwear, through women and men tops to the sportswear and the coats, including fashion accessories such as hats, bags, you name it. You can shop while drinking your coffee at home, during your break at the office, at any time, at any place. You had a busy day at work and it’s already late in the day, and you have a party approaching – the perfect solution is to lounge on your couch and start browsing for online shop offering clothes that match your style. Also, many e-shops make big season sales and discounts for holidays.

Yet with all the advantages of the online shopping for clothes, there are some flaws. You are not able to try out your clothes to see if they fit you, you can’t feel the fabric either. I am offering you some easy-to-follow tips for a successful online shopping inspired by the many online shopping woes of customers around the world.

  1. Look at the return policy
  2. Before you buy your clothes online, read the return policy. Loyal clothing e-shops offer returns. Mistakes happen and it is always good idea to have a backup plan. Make sure that if it turns out that you need a different size, or you have changed your opinion and you want to buy something else, you can return your purchase to change it.

  3. Chart sizes
  4. Take into consideration that different countries have different sizes. Many customers underestimate this fact. When you are choosing your size, make sure you choose the right one. Most online shops for clothes offer chart size legend where you can see in detail what measures stand for each size number.

  5. Fabric content
  6. Since you cannot feel the materials of the clothes, read the fabric content. All good online clothing shops note the fabric content of each item in detail. Do not rely on an image to buy your clothing online. You are more likely to be unfortunate surprised with your choice.

  7. Research your online clothing store before buying from it
  8. There are clothing e-retailers that are quite disloyal. Often you pay for something that turns out to be different from what you have expected. Sometimes purchases take a lot longer time to arrive etc. You can find a lot of fashion forums, blogs about apparel and social networks where you can search for a loyal clothing e-store like that offers trendy apparel.

Online shopping for clothes saves time and money, but do it the right way. Shop reasonably.